Is It Possible That A Wife Thru Jealously And Insecurity In A Marriage May Cause That Marriage To Fail?


The extra I embraced intimacy in my relationship with God, I started to know how my insecurities had been damaging my conjugal relationship. God helped me develop in confidence and grow in love, rescuing me from the threat of damage and redeeming my marriage. When jealousy becomes unhealthy, it is exhausting to deal with and might destroy relationships and create toxic marriages. This individual can provide you instruments for coping with jealousy in a healthy means. There shall be people and conditions that threaten the security of your marriage. Whether it’s a flirtatious co-employee or a job that requires a lot of travel, it’s normal to expertise somewhat little bit of jealousy. The essential thing is that you simply take time to speak about your concerns and agree on some boundaries that will protect your marriage and your hearts.


The points that are inflicting insecurity in your relationship could be many and varied. Building security in your marriage requires that you simply confront these issues frankly in a loving however agency method.

Why Am I So Insecure? What Causes Insecurity?

The extra contact you have together with your associate, the higher the set you might be to stop feeling insecure. Where it’s difficult to spend so much of time together, attempt to make the most of the time you do get together by making it special with dates and experiences. There can be many causes of insecurity both in and out of a relationship that affects the connection itself.


It just isn’t uncommon for couples to misinterpret jealousy for love. But displaying irregular jealousy is anything however loving. If left unaddressed, over time, jealousy will wreak havoc on a relationship as the jealous individual turns into increasingly more fearful, offended, and controlling. Eventually, jealous individuals feel so overwhelmed by their feelings and insecurities that they’ll start to exert control over their partners. They might even resort to violence, monetary abuse, and verbal bullying so as to keep management and alleviate or masks their jealous emotions. When a healthy relationship experiences jealousy, it comes from a spot of safety. One particular person sees a possible menace to the marriage and expresses concern or jealousy.

Work Out Problems In Your Relationship

As I said before, we’re all human and can really feel this way once in a while. We all have insecurities, and due to that, they may inevitably creep their way into our relationships every so often. Or possibly the insecure emotions come from your own experiences. You might have been burned by your first love, and due to that, you find it difficult to trust people.

When one partner feels constantly insecure in the solidity of the relationship both partners undergo. And unfortunately it could possibly lead to vicious cycle of suspicions, complaints and reassurance that will sap the energy of both and result in an unhealthy and unbalanced relationship. Each time insecurity threatened to overhaul me or my relationship, God walked with me and guaranteed me the issues we had been going through in marriage would refine me, if I allowed them to. How might struggling and pain refine my character? I may not have understood the trials I was enduring, but God was trustworthy in showing me how He may use a tough scenario to make me a greater individual. Instead of feeding my insecurities, I began to feed my religion.

Acknowledge When Jealousy Is Abusive

Self-awareness won’t immediately erase your emotions or all of a sudden fill you with confidence, but it’s going to assist you to see that your insecurity grew for specific causes. For example, I struggled with deep-rooted insecurity in relationships as a result of I grew up feeling inferior. I didn’t have a dad, my mom was really sick with schizophrenia, and I lived in foster properties. Sometimes marriages disintegrate…and generally they don’t.

When somebody is insecure, he or she wants constant reassurance of affection and acceptance. Stumbling habits may be on each side of the relationship. Are you continuously questioning your partner about who they’re seeing and what they’re doing? Do you cost your mate with unfaithfulness based mostly on a sense? Do you’ve a relationship with the other sex that appears inappropriate to your spouse and makes them question you?